For a fun-filled day away, head off to Toro Verde Nature Adventure Park. This new ecotourism park offers zip lining, hanging bridges, rappelling, and mountain bike riding from novice to expert levels. Combination packages are available, but zip lining is the standout attraction. The park is located in the lush mountains of Orocovis, less than an hour from the heart of San Juan.

There are more miles of San Juan zip lining cable at Toro Verde than any other park in the world. Try “The Canopy” tour, perfect for novices, features eight zip lines from 800 to 2500 feet long. The panoramic views flying 600 feet above the surrounding landscape will take your breath away. “La Bestia” tour is unlike all others. Outfitted with a large body harness and cables attached to your back, you’ll fly through the air like a bird. This zip line is almost a mile long, one of the longest zip lines in the world!

Height and weight restrictions apply on all zip lines and weather conditions affect operating hours at Toro Verde. The Numero Uno concierge staff can arrange transportation to the park and tour reservations.